Course of Fire image
A match will consist of the following courses of fire:

  • Slow Fire: Slow fire at 25 yards consisting of 2 strings of 5 rounds each in five (5) minutes.
  • Timed Fire: Timed fire at 25 yards consisting of 2 strings of 5 rounds in fifteen (15) seconds per string.
  • Rapid Fire: Rapid fire at 15 yards consisting of 2 strings of 5 rounds in eleven (11) seconds per string.
  • The Revolver League uses the B22 Police “L” targets, also known as the Army L, for all courses of fire.
  • All matches conducted in this league will be governed by the rules and regulations established by the National Rifle Association unless specifically defined otherwise in the Northern New Jersey League By-Laws.
  • Shooters will be stationed on the firing line so that no two members of the same team will be shoulder to shoulder. This rule may be waived by agreement between the team captains if there are an insufficient number of shooters present to fill all spaces on the line.
  • No part of the shooter’s body, above the ankles shall be in contact with any supporting structure. 
  • There shall be no practice on the range where the match is to be held prior to the start of the scheduled match.
  • The Range Officer will sound the emergency horn or shout “Cease Fire” at any time he/she feels the safety of shooters or others are endangered. Shooters will stop shooting immediately upon the sounding of the emergency horn or command of Cease Fire. Horns will be provided for each range by the league.
  • Additional safety and command instructions are provided in the initial safety rules and course function review.