Members in the league shall be open to civilians and members of the law enforcement community. All members must be current National Rifle Association members, 18 years of age or older. In addition, individuals between the ages of 14 - 17 years may be admitted as members provided an adult member of the league in good standing sponsors him/her. Such minor member shall meet all the requirements that apply to any adult member, including membership in the National rifle Association.

Such minor member shall be allowed to shoot in regular matches provided his/her sponsor or other adult member of the league is in the immediate area on the firing line to supervise the minor’s activities.

Each and every new member shall be certified by his/her team captain as to his/her familiarity with safety and range procedures. The certificate, signed by the shooter and the team captain, will be forwarded to the league safety officer who will retain it for future reference.

New shooters may experience challenges finding reloading supplies along with the dirth of general availability of factory ammunition. As a result, the League Executive Committee has come up with a rule and class change that will be implemented for the upcoming summer 2024 shooting season.

A new classification for shooters, as well as a new allowable revolver is coming to the NNJPRL. Starting this upcoming season, .22 Revolvers and competitors will be able to compete in the League.

Parallel to the rules governing the Two-handed shooter classification, .22 shooters will only be eligible for awards within their classification. A 6” barrel .22 revolver is preferred but shorter length barrel caliber revolvers will be permitted. Competitors must make the Range Officers aware that they are using a .22 caliber revolver and once a shooter enters as a .22 competitor, that will be their classification for the entire season.

The reasoning behind this new classification was primarily to enable and enroll new League members into the NNPRL. With this in mind, existing .38 caliber competitors are encouraged to remain in their present classifications. 

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