At which gun ranges are used by the Revolver League?

The Northern New Jersey Revolver League competes at three locations. The locations are utilized on a rotational basis depending on home team status and balance of schedule. The three locations are as follows:

Pequannock Police Pistol Range
West Parkway (Behind the “Bark Park”)
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Riverdale Police Pistol Range
2 Dalton Drive
Riverdale, NJ 07457

Gun For Hire Public Range
1267 McBride Ave.
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

What is the cost of membership?

$40 Annual Dues
$40 Fee for the Summer League
$40 fee for the Winter League

How many matches are there in a season?

Each season has 20 matches. Additional matches are added as the season progresses.

What are the hours of the matches?

The Summer League matches start at 6:00 PM on Tuesday evenings from April through August.
The Winter League matches start at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings from September through March.

What firearms are approved to be used for league competitions?

At this time .38 caliber and .22 caliber single and double action revolvers are permitted for competition shoots. Barrel length, excluding cylinder must be from 4“ to 6.5” and is not ported or compensated. All standard safety features of the firearm must be operational. The league uses only metallic open sight firearms.

Can I shoot with two hands?

Yes; Minimum age requirement of 70 years old.

What shooting style is used during competition?

The league follows Precision Pistol Rules. One exception is the league used Police “L” targets.

Do I need to be an NRA member?

Yes. Due to insurance requirements and safety for at all our competitions, all members are required to maintain an active membership with the NRA.

Do I need a firearm?

Yes. The Team members can loan you a revolver and ammunition for the first 3 matches. After the first 3 matches, you should invest in a revolver of your choice.

With whom do I compete?

The Revolver League is comprised of six teams with local township names (no significance). The team names are Pequannock, Riverdale, Bloomingdale, Oakland, Ringwood and Montville. You will be assigned to a team based on available vacancies.

What type of gun can I use?
Any 6" barrel, .38, or .22 revolver. Such as Smith and Wesson Models 10, 14, 17, 586, 617, 686. Colt Python, Anaconda, Trooper Target Special. Taurus Revolver Model 66. Ruger Revolvers 1707.

Where can I find reloading equipment?